White House Warned that TALKING Could Spread Coronavirus

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- As the country braces for more Chinese coronavirus-related deaths and further lockdown orders being issued, the White House Coronavirus Task Force is currently examining all relevant scientific studies and evidence. New information has reached the White House from the National Academy of Sciences, which suggests the novel coronavirus could be spread by tiny aerosolized droplets that leave peoples’ mouths when talking.

CNN reports that Dr. Harvey Finberg, the chairman of the National Academy of Sciences’ Standing Committee on Emerging Infectious Diseases and 21st Century health Threats (is there a longer title for any other professional out there?) believes the virus could be spreading even between people standing at a safe distance.

Fineberg sent a letter to the White House that explained the potential for the virus to spread between people who are talking to one another or even breathing near each other.

The Associated Press reported that in late February, the White House and National Academy of Sciences set up a special panel, which is chaired by Fineberg, to build on the efforts made by the Trump administration to understand and confront the COVID-19 threat. According to the Associated Press, the panel also intended to “discourage misinformation and panic.”

In the letter, Dr. Fineberg explained that while the specific research into the coronavirus is still limited, “the results of available studies are consistent with aerosolization of virus from normal breathing.”

“This letter responds to your question concerning the possibility that [coronavirus] could be spread by conversation, in addition to sneeze/cough – induced droplets. Currently, available research supports the possibility that [coronavirus] could be spread via bioaerosols generated directly by patient exhalation,” Fineberg wrote.

Later in the letter, Fineberg also explained how research from a Chinese hospital showed how the viruses can remain suspended in the air and potentially infect medical workers the moment they took off protective equipment.

Speaking to CNN, Fineberg explained how “aerosolized coronavirus droplets” can stay in the air and infect somebody who walks through the droplets.

The news comes as reports suggest the White House Coronavirus Task Force may be preparing to advise Americans to start wearing masks, in an effort to stop people coughing the droplets into the air or breathing them in by accident.