VIDEO: Dem Chicago Mayor ANGRY Over Federal Agents Policing Her Dangerous City

( Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot isn’t happy that President Donald Trump was forced to take matters into his own hands when it comes to keeping her city safe. During an episode of CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, Mayor Lightfoot was visibly angry over the Trump administration’s decision to send in federal agents.

It comes at a time when Chicago is experiencing a rise in the already-large number of violent attacks and shootings in the city. Lightfoot said that she “can’t just allow anyone to come into Chicago, play police in our streets, in our neighborhoods, when they don’t know the first thing about our city,” she claimed.

Federal agents are very aware of what is going on in Chicago, because the Trump administration has tasked them to understand the huge spike in violence in the city and respond to it.

Jake Tapper noted that shootings in Chicago were up by 47% and homicides have also increased by 51% since last year.

“You are accepting federal help from the Trump administration,” Tapper said. “Not everyone in Chicago is happy about that. A few nights ago, you had protesters outside your house unhappy with your decision to work with the Trump administration. What’s the help you’re accepting from the Trump administration? And what is your message to those protesters?”

Before we get to Lightfoot’s answer, doesn’t this strike you as Tapper giving Lightfoot an opportunity to tell the people of Chicago why they should support her rather than protesting her? It seems like less of a question and more of a prompt…

“This is not about working with the Trump administration,” Lightfoot said. Nice save, mayor!

“I have drawn a very hard line. We will not allow federal troops in our city. We will not tolerate unnamed agents taking people off the street,” she said, seemingly perpetuating the conspiracy theory that federal agents are taking people off the streets without identifying themselves.

Acting Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security recently proved these claims wrong, showing the media the uniforms worn by officers that are clearly emblazoned with the word “POLICE” along with a unique ID badge.

Shouldn’t Mayor Lightfoot be happy about getting help to drive down crime in her city, or is her ego more important than saving lives?