VIDEO: Baltimore Extremists Tear Down Columbus Statue

( President Donald Trump’s executive order that ensures those convicted of damaging American monuments are sent to prison for at least ten years might have had some effect, but it hasn’t completely quelled the violence and destruction. On Saturday night, violent extremists representing Antifa and Black Lives Matter tore down a statue of Christopher Columbus.

The statue was then dragged to the Inner Harbor in the city and dumped into the water. Rioters pulled down the statue using ropes, destroying a monument that has been a popular fixture in Little Italy for decades.

You can see the shocking footage below:

Rioters targeted the statue under the pretenses of obtaining justice for George Floyd and opposing “systemic racism.”

The Columbus statue was erected in 1984 and dedicated by President Ronald Reagan and former Baltimore Mayor William Donald Schaefer. The current mayor of Baltimore, however, didn’t seem all that bothered by it.

Mayor Bernard Young told a local newspaper that the tearing down of the statue was just part of a “reexamination” of statues “that may represent different things to different people.”

That’s all it is, guys. Just a reexamination. You don’t need to be concerned about gangs of extremists roaming the streets and tearing down whatever statues they don’t like or burning down buildings…

The mayor even said that he would support the movement regardless of their tearing down of statues.

This isn’t the only statue to have been torn down, of course. Other statues of the famous explorer have been pulled down in Boston, Richmond, Virginia, Minnesota, Miami, and beyond. The tearing down of the Columbus statue in Boston was particularly disturbing, as protesters celebrated the beheading of the statue.