Universities Start Giving Out “George Floyd Memorial Scholarships”

(FamilyRetirementClub.com)- America was shocked by the tragic death of George Floyd. It represented a moment when the nation realized that reforms are necessary in relation to how police officers are held accountable when they do something wrong, but it was quickly hijacked by race-baiting left-wing activists and now society is being transformed (and not for the better) in the name of George Floyd.

After months of burning down buildings and rioting in the streets, we’re now seeing holographic lasers depicting George Floyd’s face over Confederate statues. The universities have even gotten involved with the virtue signaling by implementing George Floyd Memorial Scholarships.

The first university to make a name for themselves by establishing the fund was North Central University in Minneapolis. The university’s president, Scott Hagan, then urged all university presidents across the country to establish their own George Floyd Memorial Scholarship funds…and they are. In recent weeks, the University of Utah, Ohio University, the University of Minnesota, and the University of Memphis – among others – have established their own George Floyd Scholarship Funds.

The recipients of the scholarships will be people from minority backgrounds, and will be given only to those who plan to major in things like social justice. Universities will start handing out money for useless degrees about far-left social justice theory in the name of George Floyd.

Was George Floyd even a social justice warrior? Everyone in his family said he was actually a Christian who taught young men not to get wrapped up in gang violence…the kind of violence that social justice warriors are committing in his name.

The fund set up by the University of Minnesota is described on the school’s website as a chance for “Underrepresented” students to get an education. As if social justice warriors are underrepresented in any university.

“This fund honors George Perry Floyd Jr. and was established to support undergraduate students whose identities are underrepresented at the University of Minnesota, or undergraduate students whose studies focus on racial and social justice,” the website reads.

Penn State University will also be matching up to $10 million in diversity scholarships, as well as putting $50,00 into a George Floyd Memorial Scholarship in Educational Equity.

How many more students do we need majoring in useless areas of study? Do we really need more people studying critical race theory and women’s studies?