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DOJ Asking Americans to Report “Radical” Friends and Family

DOJ Asking Americans to Report "Radical" Friends and Family

(UnitedVoice.com) – In the wake of the Capitol Hill incident on January 6, Democrats pushed the idea that former President Donald Trump’s supporters are domestic terrorists. The Biden administration is now pushing for something that is leaving Americans concerned that their family and friends might target them.

On June 14, the Biden administration held a press call and discussed “radicalization” in the US. An unnamed senior official who was on the call told reporters that they need to raise concerns and get help for family, friends, and colleagues who they believe could commit a radical act of violence. The official said the campaign to report loved ones is a lot like the 2011 Homeland Security “see something say something” campaign that they used to target suspected terrorists.

Of course, the administration official didn’t explain how they are supposed to define who is “radical.” In recent months, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that white supremacy and domestic terrorism are on the rise. Does the Biden team only want people to report their white friends and family? Or, can they also report radicals of other races as well?

It seems as though the FBI and Democrats only seem to define domestic terrorists as white conservatives. Now, the president’s administration wants “radicals” arrested and, although nobody ever said who those people are, it seems quite clear who the Left wants to target.

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