Trump Says “CRAZY NANCY” Is Responsible for Blocking Coronavirus Aid to American Workers

( After Nancy Pelosi doubled down on her fat-shaming against President Donald Trump, he hit back by exposing how she and her Democratic colleagues are responsible for blocking the next stage in financial assistance for American workers. During a press conference, the president labelled the House Speaker “Crazy Nancy” and outlined how she is attempting to use COVID-19 aid as a chance to bailout Democrat-run cities and states.

When the president was asked why he wasn’t engaging in negotiations with Congress on the next round of COVID aid, he said that he was in fact very active but didn’t need to be personally meeting “Crazy Nancy” to take part.

“What the Democrats want, they’re slow-rolling it and all they’re really interested in is bailout money to bail out radical left governors and radical left mayors,” the president said.

President Trump has engaged in good faith discussions since the beginning of the pandemic. After initially proposing cutting payroll tax to zero as a way to help people get by and to allow businesses to keep their employees, the president negotiated with the Democrats and agreed instead to a direct cash stimulus.

Now, the Democrats are refusing to budge or compromise and are attempting to pass a gigantic aid package that wouldn’t just bail out workers and businesses but would also bail out Democrat-run cities and states that have overspent for decades.

“We’re really not interested in that,” the president said.

Trump added that the Democrats are still failing to help American people who are struggling as a result of the lockdown measures.

“They’re not interested in the people. They’re not interested in unemployment,” he said. “They’re not interested in evictions.”

Mark Meadows, the White House Chief of Staff, criticized congressional Democrats last week for refusing to take part in good faith negotiations on the matter.

“The Democrats believe they have all the cards on their side, and they’re willing to play their cards at the expense of those that are hurting,” he said.

Will the Democrats really continue standing in the way of the American people getting the assistance they desperately need in these uncertain times?