TRAGIC: Stacey Abrams ISN’T Being Vetted to be Biden VP

( Stacey Abrams got super excited back when Joe Biden was talking about appointing a female person of color as his vice-presidential candidate for November. The former member of the Georgia House of Representatives appeared on every major left-leaning news channel talking about how she would be willing to serve as Biden’s VP if he asked.

Abrams was everywhere, talking about how much of an asset she would be, how proud she would be to take the spot, and the media seemed to go with the story. The Washington Post even published a profile on Abrams along with a seriously over-the-top superhero-style photo of Abrams that clearly tried to make her look like a serious political figure.

But it looks like Abrams’ dreams have all come crumbling down, as she announced on Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” that she hasn’t received a call.

“I have said many times that if called, I will answer, but I have not received any calls,” she said on Wednesday.

Colbert told Abrams that April Ryan, a CNN political analyst, said that Abrams was being vetted for the slot.

“I look forward to hearing from whomever April Ryan is speaking to,” Abrams said, hopefully.

Colbert asked her she hasn’t held back in being so public about her desire to be VP, to which she responded by suggesting that the people asking her if she is qualified for the job are doing so because she’s black. Seriously.

“I know that when I’m asked the question are you qualified, can you do this, that I’m not just answering for myself,” she claimed. “I’m being asked the question because I don’t look like what people usually look like when they’re considered for these jobs.”

Maybe the truth is actually that Abrams has never held political office beyond being a state representative. That’s probably reason enough to ask if a person is qualified.