Supreme Court Rules in Favor of TRUMP, Allows Criminal Immigrants to Be Deported

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(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- The Supreme Court ruled in favour of common sense on Thursday, finding that the government can, as Trump said, deport criminal immigrants from the United States regardless of how long they have been living in the country.

The decision ruled 5-4 in favor of supporting the President’s measure to remove a non-citizen legal immigrant from Jamaica, Andre Martello Barton, who was charged with firearm and drug offenses. Somehow the move was considered controversial because Barton has been living legally in the United States since the 1980s.

That doesn’t change the fact that he is a criminal immigrant!

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling, a precedent has now been set that green card holders still risk being deported for criminal offenses even if they have lived in the country for some time. The decision allows Trump and his administration to ensure all immigrants in the United States are law-abiding and good people.

Barton used a law from 1996 to fight deportation, which allows long-term residents of the United States to avoid deportation even after committing crimes. His legal team argued that the law meant green card holders can have deportations repealed if they can prove they have lived in the United States for more than seven years.

The Supreme Court ruling doesn’t mean that the law has been completely undone but instead clarifies it. Now, some crimes will make a person eligible for deportation even if they have lived in the United States for over seven years. Some less serious crimes still may not result in a person being deported.

Writing in favour of the Trump administration’s position, Justice Brett Cavanaugh said, “when a lawful permanent resident has amassed a criminal record of this kind,” immigration laws make that person ineligible to remain in the US.

“Removal of a lawful permanent resident from the United States is a wrenching process, especially in the light of the consequences for family members,” he added, showing it wasn’t an easy decision for anybody to make. “Congress made a choice, however, to authorize removal of non-citizens – even lawful permanent residents – who have committed certain serious crimes.”

Kavanaugh also said Congress decided to “categorically preclude cancellation of removal for noncitizens who have substantial criminal records.”

In short, the Supreme Court just made it easier for the government to remove people who pose a serious threat to the American people.