Senator Josh Hawley Suggests Investigating China, “They Must PAY”

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- Republican Missouri Senator Josh Hawley published a scathing op-ed via Fox News this week. In the piece, the GOP lawmaker called for a full international investigation into the way the Chinese Communist government handled the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Hawley went even further, suggesting that the Chinese government should “pay” for the many tens of thousands of lives lost to the virus, and the billions of dollars lost too. The senator explicitly called the Chinese government liars – a sentiment shared by politicians all over the world.

Hawley pulls no punches and explicitly states that the Chinese government is responsible for the pandemic, suggesting this is the reason why “Beijing has gone on a propaganda offensive to try to deflect blame anywhere it can, including right here at the United States.”

“It is time for an international investigation into Beijing’s disastrous handling of the coronavirus,” Hawley writes. “The Chinese Communist Party has done everything it can to hide the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. Party officials interrogated and punished Chinese doctors who tried to warn others as the virus began to spread.”

Hawley also accuses China of ordering laboratories to stop testing for the virus and even to destroy samples when they knew an outbreak was taking place.

“They even sat on evidence showing the virus could be transmitted between humans,” he said. “By the time they shared that information, the virus had already spread to other nations.”

He, of course, referenced the fact that China tried to shift the blame to the United States, suggesting that the virus originated overseas and was brought to China by American soldiers. “These are outrageous lies. It is time to hold Beijing accountable for the suffering it has caused,” Hawley said.

Following the outrageous lies from China, President Donald Trump began referring to the COVID-19 virus as the “Chinese virus” in press conferences. Left-wing journalists foamed at the mouth every time he said it, but it looks like putting the pressure back on the Chinese communists actually worked.

Following a phone call between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the two countries have vowed to work more closely together moving forward.

It still doesn’t mean we can trust any numbers coming out of China, though…