Report: China Making HUGE MONEY Selling Protective Equipment to World Governments

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- After infecting the world with the COVID-19, a virus that is believed to have spread from a wet market in Wuhan, China is now cashing in on making medical equipment for the rest of the world. According to an AFP report, China has sold almost four billion masks to foreign countries in the wake of the global pandemic.

Chinese officials announced on Sunday that factories across the country have increased the production of key medical supplies, as countries require more and more equipment to treat infected patients. It comes as the global death count now exceeds 60,000.

According to AFP, China has exported a massive 3.86 billion masks since ramping up production on March 1 as well as 16,000 ventilators, 2.84 million COVID-19 test kits, and 37.5 million pieces of other protective clothing.

China is well and truly profiting from the crisis that its government is at least partly responsible for sharing with the rest of the world.

Incredibly, the country is making money from products that don’t even work, too. The Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Turkey, and the Philippines have all complained about the poor quality of the equipment they were sold. Some pieces of equipment reportedly don’t even work as intended.

The Dutch government recalled some 600,000 masks that were imported from China, out of a total order of 1.3 million, because they were not high enough quality to be used in hospitals. China defended the sale of the products, stating that they were labeled as “non-surgical.”

Spain rejected many thousands of test kits, too, which proved to be unreliable.

China isn’t happy about being exposed for profiting off the back of a problem that they are, in part, responsible for. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce released a statement to international press claiming that reports of faulty goods being sold by the country were not accurate.

“In reality, there are various factors, such as China having different standards and different usage habits to other countries,” the Ministry claimed. “Even improper use can lead to doubts over quality.”

The claims were backed up by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, who claimed the Western press is trying to “politicize” the issue.

What do you think – is it politicizing the issue by calling out China for selling poor-quality medical equipment to countries that may not have been affected if their government hadn’t tried to cover the outbreak up in the first place?