PROMISE KEPT: President Trump’s New Rules are REDUCING Illegal Immigration at Canada/US Border

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( When President Donald Trump promised to reduce illegal immigration into the United States through a wall at the southern border and by increasing funding and resources to border protection agencies, the Democrats told him his plans wouldn’t work. According to new reports, however, illegal immigration at the northern US border with Canada has been dramatically reduced as a result of the Trump administration’s action.

The Associated Press reported this week how five Mexican citizens were apprehended trying to get into the United States by crossing the border in northern Maine. The citizens were than returned to Canada within a matter of hours as a result of measures put in place to ensure people with COVID-19 don’t enter the country. New rules mean that anybody caught crossing the border are immediately deported, an even stricter policy than what was in place (and which was effective) beforehand.

The new measures don’t mean illegal immigration has ended entirely, but they appear to be reducing the numbers significantly. According to the Associated Press, it has effectively ended all illegal immigration coming over Roxham Road in Champlain, New York, which has long been one of the most popular routes for people trying to cross the border between the United States and Canada.

In March, President Donald Trump closed the borders with Mexico and Canada, allowing only essential traffic to cross. It means that existing immigration laws that apply to people seeking asylum to trying to enter the country have been suspended, giving border officials the authority to simply expel people when they try and get in.

The “rapid expulsions” were allowed under new rules from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and though it technically expires on May 21, it’s expected to be extended.

The Associated Press also noted that the majority of expulsions have taken place on the southern border with Mexico, showing that illegals are showing no sign of slowing down in their attempts at crossing the border. Over 20,000 people were returned to Mexico by border authorities by the end of April, courtesy of these new rules.