President Trump Tweets Support for Protestors: “LIBERATE VIRGINIA!” “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”

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(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- President Donald Trump made it perfectly clear what side of the debate he is one when it comes to governors infringing on the civil liberties of residents during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, Trump published a series of tweets calling for the liberation of states currently enduring some of the strictest lockdown measures put in place, for the most part, by Democratic governors. The president has expressed his concern about the shutting down of the U.S. economy since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, and while Democrats continue blocking key legislation to help Americans, Trump is working with a new coronavirus task force to find ways to safely reopen the economy.

“LIBERATE MINNESOTA!,” Trump tweeted, before saying the same about Michigan a minute later.

“LIBERATE VIRGINIA, and save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!” he added in a later tweet.

The comments come as residents of these states begin to express their frustrations. In Michigan, Democratic Gretchen Whitmer has faced criticism for her excessive lockdown executive order that allows marijuana stores to stay open while churches are forced to close.

Protestors shut down the Michigan State Capitol building, and blocked all the surrounding roads with their cars in a protest known as “Operation Lockdown.” A petition calling for her resignation has gained 300,000 signatures, and even some of the state’s sheriffs have said they will not enforce her excessive order.

Similar protests took place in Virginia, with protesters waving signs that read “We Will Not Comply” and “Reopen VA!”

So what does Trump mean by “liberate?” It all starts with his three-step plan for reopening the states. President Trump confirmed that he will allow governors to take actions that are best for their own states, meaning governors can lift lockdown rules when they see the infection and death rate declining. This is particularly important for states with sparse populations where the risk of infection is lower than in more densely populated places.

In an 18-page document, the president outlined how reopening will work over three phases. The first phase consists of current lockdown measures, the second stage allows schools to reopen and for venues like bars to reopen to small numbers of customers, and the third stage allows states to reopen the economy with sensible social distancing measures kept in place.

Your state may just be liberated very soon!