Politico Said Trump Owes Millions to China, But This Evidence Says Otherwise

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- Politico told a lie about President Donald Trump on Saturday morning. A story in the media outlet claimed that Trump owes millions of dollars to the Bank of China, citing a loan for an office building in New York City. The story was published hours after conservative outlet Breitbart proved the rumors to be false, but Politico went ahead with it anyway.

Eventually, the outlet backtracked, but without admitting fault or correcting the error. Surely a media outlet of his size should realize that correcting stories is important in terms of impartiality, and keeping readers properly informed?

No formal correction was issued, but the story was changed to include a statement saying it has been “updated to include comment from the Bank of China and additional reporting.”

For people who are just glancing at the story, that doesn’t make it clear the assertion is wrong.

The story didn’t have a minor inaccuracy – it was entirely false.

Originally it was entitled “Trump Owes Tens of Millions to Bank of China,” but was changed to “Trump Owed Tens of Millions to Bank of China.” That might be fine, except it’s still wrong. Reports that President Trump previously owed millions of dollars to the Bank of China are incorrect.

Despite this, Politico still claims “the president’s financial dealings with the state-owned bank complicate his attacks on Biden,” but how can they? The only dealings with the Bank of China that Politico reference are dealings that simply never happened.

The news outlet claims that Trump used the Bank of China to obtain a loan to build a property at 1290 Avenue of the Americas, but President Trump isn’t the debtor of the loan used to construct the building, and the lender wasn’t the Bank of China. The truth is that President Trump is a minority partner in a real estate company that owns the property, that he didn’t play any role in negotiating the loan, and he is not liable for any of the repayments. The Bank of China was also not the lender, but one of a number of lenders that put forward $950 million in 2012 and sold its interest just a few days later.

No debt. No dealings with the bank of China.

Why doesn’t that warrant a correction?

It’s no wonder Trump hates the media!