Pelosi SNAPS at Journalists Who Ask Her About Biden Sex Assault Scandal

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already committed to supporting presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in his campaign, and after answering questions once about the sex assault accusations, she’s told journalists she doesn’t want to speak about it again.

Pelosi was recently asked about the accusations made against Biden, telling reporters she doesn’t “need a lecture.” This time, she snapped at MSNBC host Ari Melber.

“Joe Biden speaking out, just days ago, on the allegation of a sexual assault,” Melber said to Pelosi. “Now that he has given that answer, do you view this as a closed issue and what is your response?”

Despite being a perfectly reasonable question, and one asked politely, Pelosi snapped at Melber.

“Well, it is for me. I have said I am proud to support Joe Biden for president,” she said. “I believe him when he says it didn’t happen, but I also believe him when he said let them look into the records and that’s what they should do. But I’m not going to answer this question again,” she said.

Touchy! Doesn’t Pelosi remember her party’s commitment to believe all women?

Pelosi may also not have heard that Biden isn’t actually allowing people to search his records. The former vice president’s records of his Senate career are currently sealed and stored at the University of Delaware, and Biden is refusing to allow people to access them.

Tara Reade, the former Senate staffer who made the allegations, says that her complaint made at the time will be found in the records. Biden, however, has refused to even allow investigators to search for documents specifically relating to Reade.

Pelosi doesn’t think that’s suspect?

She may not want to talk about it, but lots of other people do – including Tara Reade.

Reade alleges that Biden pushed her up against a wall in a corridor in the Senate and penetrated her with his fingers. She says this was done without her consent. Since coming forward with the allegations, several friends of Reade have revealed that she told them about what happened at the time.