Pelosi Calls Trump “COWARDLY” For Not Wearing A Mask

( President Donald Trump is no spring chicken, and that means he’s more at risk if he catches the Chinese coronavirus than most young people. Despite this, the president has engaged in presidential business as normal, running the country, and doing it all without wearing a mask.

So it might come as a surprise for you to learn that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called him “cowardly” recently for not wearing one. Well, I say surprising…this is exactly the kind of behavior we’ve come to expect from the far-left lawmaker in recent years.

On Friday’s episode of “All Things Considered” on NPR, Speaker Pelosi said that she agreed with presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden that all Americans should be required by law to wear a mask in public. She, and Joe Biden, believe in using the power of the government to force people to wear masks, rather than expecting people to take precautions to protect others of their own volition.

She then called Trump “cowardly” for not wearing one, and even pushed the fake and debunked claim that the president thinks the COVID-19 outbreak is a hoax.

Responding to a question about whether she agrees with Biden’s authoritarian promise to force people to wear masks, she said, “Absolutely.”

“In fact, the reason the CDC hasn’t made it mandatory is because they don’t want to embarrass the president, or insult the president, whatever it is, offend the president,” she claimed. “They said they recommend it they didn’t require it.”

“The president saying this is a hoax,” she lied,” that it magically disappears and not wearing a mask himself as an example to the country, how cowardly is this?”

She finished off by reminding the interviewer and listeners that she agrees with Biden that infringing on the civil liberties and freedoms of American citizens is the right way to respond to the pandemic.

“I totally agree with Joe Biden,” she said. “As long as we’re faced with this crisis, masks should be mandatory. It’s not about protecting yourself it’s about protecting others.”

President Donald Trump has never said he disagrees about protecting others, but Pelosi went ahead and said it anyway. Are you surprised?