NYC Police Officer PLACED IN HEADLOCK When Dispersing A Crowd

( The narrative from Black Lives Matter activists and their enforcers is that police officers are evil and are purposely targeting black people. Perhaps that’s why two police officers were attached in the Bronx in New York City recently when trying to disperse a crowd. Reports suggest a violent though placed one of the cops into a headlock, and the video suggests that’s what happened too.

Incredibly, new rules mean that despite the attack, the two trained law enforcement officers were unable to put an assailant in a headlock during an arrest. So now, it’s easier for a perpetrator to put a police officer in a headlock but not the other way round. You can thank a recent bill pushed by the far-left city council in New York City.

A tweet published by the Sergeants Benevolent Association, which is made up of 13,000 retired and active NYPD sergeants, argues that the new rules are ridiculous and uses the video footage as proof.

“COREY JOHNSON your STUPID law is about to be signed by NYC STUPID Mayor it’s time you both take your community input & grab these perps yourself,” he said.

In the video, you can see two officers surrounded by a loud and angry crowd who begin taunting the police officers when they tried to make an arrest. A member of the crowd them put one of the officers in a headlock while others can be heard chanting, “F*ck him up!”

You can see that the suspect managed to keep hold of the grip for four seconds before the cop fell to the ground. The assailant then ran off.

“They smoked you, pussy!” a member of the crowd can be heard saying to the police officer.

According to the New York Post, the cop suffered a wound to the head that required staples and hospital treatment.

Why aren’t NYPD officers allowed to properly defend themselves against violent criminals?