New Zealand Latest Country to DEFY China and Support Taiwan

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- New Zealand is the latest country to defy the demands of the Chinese Communist Party and throws its weight behind the island of Taiwan, a territory that China has long claimed. The New Zealand government announced on Thursday that they support Taiwan in its endeavour to be readmitted to the World Health Organization, despite ongoing protests from communist china.

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters announced the country’s support of Taiwan and praised the island’s “standout world success story on COVID-19.

The Sydney Morning Herald Reports that Peters heaped praise on the island for its work combating the virus and encouraged the World Health Organization to readmit the country before the annual conference takes place later this summer.

“Our position is to join a number of countries in seeking to get them put back on the WHO as an observer, when they were in 2016,” Peters said. “They have got something to teach the rest of the world, and every country including China must surely want to know the secret of the success.”

Sam Sachdeva, the political editor for Newsroom NZ reported that the Chinese Embassy hit back at Peters’ comments.

“The Chinese Embassy has hit back at Winston Peters’ personal support for Taiwan joining the WHO, describing the one China policy as the ‘political foundation’ of bilateral relations,” he wrote.

In short, it means China requires other countries to recognize its ownership of Taiwan, otherwise, they don’t want to do business with the rest of the world. Even though China relies on working with the rest of the world to maintain its huge manufacturing economy.

China has blocked every effort made by Taiwan to regain just an observer status at the annual gatherings organized by the WHO, and given the way that the WHO is funded, the organization kowtows to China every time.

Taiwan, despite having been one of the most successful countries in containing the outbreak, has not been able to offer input to the World Health Organization and, if nothing changes, will not even be considered an observer nation when the WHO hosts its online conference in the coming weeks.