Meadows Resigning Congress To Take Over As White House Chief Of Staff

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- Mark Meadows will officially become President Donald Trump’s full-time White House chief of staff Monday once he resigns from his post as a Representative. Meadows has been performing the duties of the job on a part-time basis, aiding Trump as part of a transition process that has been going on for the last few weeks.

Meadows is replacing Mick Mulvaney, and will become Trump’s fourth chief of staff since he took office in 2017.

Meadows has long been a supporter of Trump and has been a confidant to the president as well. He campaigned with Trump leading up to the election in 2016, and eventually become one of the president’s closest advisers. He has even developed a close relationship with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner — Trump’s daughter and son-in-law — who are both senior advisers to the president.

While Meadows is the fourth person to sit in the position of White House chief of staff, there is more hope for a longer-term stay for him than his predecessors because he has developed a close relationship with Trump over the last few years. In addition, he’s known as a lawmaker who has great relationships with legislators on the other side of the aisle as well.

In Congress, Meadows was a member of the Freedom Caucus, a conservative group.

From his post at Congress, Meadows will bring with him to his new position only one of his staffers, and that is his own chief of staff Ben Williamson. Other staffers will be made up of other aides who are currently working with the Trump administration, CNN reported. Meadows also reportedly will hire Representative John Fleming as a senior aide. Fleming is the current assistant secretary at the Commerce Department and is also a member of the Freedom Caucus.

Trump announced Meadows as his new chief of staff in early March, tweeting on March 6:

“I am pleased to announce that Congressman Mark Meadows will become White House Chief of Staff. I have long known and worked with Mark, and the relationship is a very good one.”

But Meadows couldn’t take over in the position immediately after being named because of a self-quarantine he imposed after he came into contact with a person who was infected with COVID-19 while attending the Conservative Political Action Conference. Many other legislators decided to self-quarantine following attendance at that conference as well.

With that 14-day self-quarantine period now over, Meadows is ready to take over his new duties as White House chief of staff on a full-time basis.

Meadows, a representative from North Carolina, has been in Congress since 2013. The man he is replacing, Mulvaney, will be named the U.S. special envoy for Northern Ireland.