Matt Gaetz: I Won’t Take PAC Donations Ever Again

( – Florida’s Rep. Matt Gaetz announced during a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference that he will not accept donations from Political Action Committees (PACs) ever again.

Speaking to a large audience, Gaetz said, “I will never again accept a donation from a federal Political Action Committee.”

“Not one red cent,” he added.

The Trump-like comment has confirmed Gaetz’s credentials as a new kind of American conservative styled on European populists who are rising to power across their continent.

“The American people are my one and only special interest,” he also said, much to the delight of the CPAC 2020 crowd.

After President Donald Trump, Gaetz is the first big name in the Republican Party to announce that he will no longer take “big money,” which has long been an issue talked about (but not actioned!) byDemocrats. The Republicans are putting their money where their mouth is!

CPAC’s official Twitter account released a series of posts contained excerpts from Gaetz’s speech, including his suggestion that “honest capitalism” is “under attack every day.”

While European populists often advocate socialist economic policy, Republican populists are turning to “fair” capitalism that is without corruption, lobbying, and PACs. And it could do well.

In his speech, Gaetz also said, “The PAC donation process – with its expectations of exchanging favours and time for money – renders public service, which should be among the nations most noble professions, dangerously close to the oldest profession.”

“Committee assignments and leadership opportunities are dolled out to members most indebted to special interests. Congressional staffers even use the orientation process to tell new members of Congress which PACs and special interests will donate based on committee assignments and influence,” he added.