LA Times: Replace National Anthem With “Lean On Me”

( The Los Angeles Times, a far-left competitor of the super-woke New York Times, had an interesting idea this week. The newspaper published an op-ed that argued the national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, should be replaced with the hit 1972 song “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers.

That’s right. The LA Times thinks we should replace the national anthem with a popular song from the charts in the 70s, or at least thinks this is a serious opinion worthy of being printed in a newspaper.

In the piece, the author argues that Francis Scott Key, the writer of the national anthem, was a slaveholder and his racism is evident in the lyrics on the anthem.

“No refuge could save the hireling and slave/From the terror of fight, or the gloom of the grave,” is the offending part of the song, according to the article. The op-ed’s author, Jody Rosen, claimed in all seriousness and without any sense of irony that the lyrics were too…”Anglophile.”

Does she realize this was written by an English speaking man of European descent for a nation founded by European people who, for the most part, spoke English?

“Its lyrics are ornate and Anglophile, with syntax that frustrates the efforts of normal human Americans to follow along,” she said, “to deduce who or what, exactly, is gleaming and streaming.”


She even said that the song is “charmless and difficult to sing” and that it “meanders through hwan melodic passages en route to a big climactic cry…that defeats 99% of vocalists who attempt it.”

So the anthem should be changed because not everybody could sing? She should hear the Brits singing God Save the Queen…nobody can get any song completely right.

Rosen claims that America would be better off with a “decent song” that a “citizen could sing without crashing into an o’er or a three, or being asked to pole vault across octaves.”

In all seriousness, and with no regret for calling for the complete eradication of such an iconic part of American history and identity, she recommended “Lean On Me” instead.

“Bill Withers’ 1972 soul ballad may seem like a curious choice,” she said. “It has none of the qualities we associate with a national anthem. It’s a modest song that puts on no airs. It speaks in plain musical language, without a trace of bombast, in a tidy arrangement that unfolds over a few basic chords.”

She goes on to explain in detail why she thinks it’s great, but let’s consider another theory here…

She just put her Spotify on “shuffle” and chose a song at random, didn’t she?