Is Mike Bloomberg A Terrorist? One Liberal Group Thinks So.


( – You would think a $5 million donation would buy you unquestioned support. But apparently, that’s not true — at least in the case of Mike Bloomberg.

Last year, the Democratic candidate for president gave a $5 million donation to Fair Fight Action, a group that was founded by Stacey Abrams, who once ran for and lost a race for Georgia governor. The group is focused on voting rights.

That donation was equal to more than one-third of the group’s fundraising total for the second half of 2019, which led them to invite him to be a featured guest at the activist summit they held in January.

Apparently, a donation of that size doesn’t buy support forever, though.

When an audio recording was released earlier this week that highlighted Bloomberg defending New York City’s policy of stop and frisk — which was adopted under his administration — many voiced their displeasure. One of those people was Andre Fields, the political director of the Fair Fight Action group.

On Twitter, he wrote — in a now-deleted tweet — “Some of us know the true terrorist that he is,” referring to Bloomberg.

Fields was responding to a tweet sent by Jon Leon that read, “Bloomberg ain’t surging from anyone who was ever stopped and frisked.” The policy they are referring to was very controversial, in that it seemingly targeted people in minority neighborhoods, giving police the right to randomly stop and frisk people on the streets without needing much proof that they had even committed a crime.

In the audio recording, Bloomberg defended the policy as a “sensible policy to stop murders in the city,” which he also says were happening “almost entirely from the African-American community.”

That’s why Leon, Fields and droves of others took to social media to criticize Bloomberg. Fields and officials from the Fair Fight Action group haven’t commented on his tweet or whether he deleted it.

Bloomberg entered the Democratic race for president late, and it’s unclear as to whether he’s really serious about winning the nomination, or whether he just wants to be a disruptor. He has spent a massive amount of his own money to create attacking political ads to try to gain liberal allies. He’s even given huge contributions, such as a $10 million one to a liberal Super PAC that has a goal of ensuring the Democrats don’t lose their current House of Representatives’ majority.

Bloomberg’s stated primary goal is to defeat President Donald Trump in the 2020 General Election, but he’ll have to get through the other contenders on the Democratic Primary ticket first — or hope he can make waves as an Independent. Both of those prospects seemed very unlikely not long ago, but he’s starting to at least gain some traction among Democratic voters.

Still, audio recordings like the one about stop and frisk, and his track record from some of his other policies, may ultimately leave him on the outside looking in.