House Dems Want To Remove Pardon Power, Throw Trump BEHIND BARS

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( With an election just months away, you’d think the Democrats would be more interested in throwing their weight behind their presidential candidate. Instead, House Democrats are seeing if there is any way that they can legally remove one of the biggest powers held by the president…the power of pardon.

House Democrats are looking at ways of stopping President Trump from using the power of the pardon, which Obama used hundreds of times and President Trump has only used on a couple of dozen people. Democrats are pushing forward with legislation that would stop pardons for “friends and family” and make it impossible for a president to pardon his or herself.

It’s an interesting bill because it suggests a couple of things. First, it implies that the Democrats genuinely think that the president or his “friends and family” have broken the law, and these efforts are designed to stop him pardoning himself if he has found to. Secondly, it shows that the Democrats are willing to pass pointless legislation just to establish a narrative that the president has, or might have, broken the law.

President Donald Trump has not broken the law.

It comes after the Democrats went into meltdown over the president’s decision to pardon his former advisor Roger Stone. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who objects to literally everything Donald Trump says or does, said his decision to pardon stone was an “act of staggering corruption.”

There is no proof, of course, that it is “corruption.” She failed to explain how.

The House Judiciary Committee is currently analyzing and debating two bills as well as an amendment that would stop Trump, or any future president, from being able to use the power of the pardon on people that they know. What qualifies as a friend or family, however, is still very vague.

Adam Schiff, the California Democrat in charge of the House Intelligence Committee, said that the power of the pardon is “Not unlimited” and “was provided to remedy injustices, not to cover up for a president or shield him from potential criminal liability.”

Schiff did not offer an example of how the pardon has been used to “cover up” for President Trump. This seems to be a pattern.

One of the bills being debates would get rid of the statute of limitations for federal offenses committed by sitting presidents. What that means is that if the Democrats win in November and take Congress and the White House, Donald Trump will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder to see what insane “crimes” they can accuse him of.

Make no mistake, the Democrats won’t stop until Trump is behind bars for a made-up crime.