Here’s How David Brock Plans To ‘Kick Donald Trump’s Ass’

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( – There are plenty of ill-informed people who don’t want to see President Donald Trump re-elected to the White House in November. One of those people is David Brock, the founder of Media Matters who is also at the head of the super PAC American Bridge.

Brock is throwing money behind his dislike of Trump, putting down roughly $4 million to purchase advertisements against Trump in swing states throughout the country. It’s part of his plan to “kick Donald Trump’s ass.”

In February alone, American Bridge purchased $1.3 million in anti-Trump advertising in Wisconsin and $2.7 million in Pennsylvania. That $4 million total is on top of the $2.2 million in advertising the super PAC purchased during November and December in the two states plus Michigan.

In the 2016 election, Trump won both Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by less than 1 point.

The overall plan, according to Brock, is to spend roughly $10 million over a three-month period to try to destroy Trump’s reputation and support among voters in the Midwest. This is projected to be a crucial region in the general election in November.

Sacha Haworth, the group’s political director, further explained the plan to Politico:

“We don’t have to win all of these voters back. We just need to be able to peel off enough of [Trump’s] supporters within this swath of voters to deny him the White House in 2020.”

American Bridge announced in a press release last year that they were planning a campaign totaling $50 million to weaken Trump’s Midwest support. They would specifically be targeting voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, using radio, digital and TV ads to convince them that Trump was hurting and not helping their interests.

In a 2019 press release, American Bridge President Bradley Beychok said, “We’re now set to leverage our expertise to launch the largest persuasion media effort we’ve ever undertaken with the goal of making Trump a one-term president. Donald Trump turned his back on the voters who gave him a lifeline in 2016. We plan to cut it.”

The interesting part about American Bridge’s campaign is not that the goal is to unseat Trump; it’s that they may be wasting their money if Bernie Sanders ends up winning the Democratic nomination. Blue-collar voters in the Midwest are unlikely to favor Sanders over Trump, even if they are convinced that Trump isn’t right for them.

Even Brock can’t be in love with the fact that Sanders is currently the party’s frontrunner. Last April, he had conversations with others in the Democratic party about running anti-Sanders ads if he started to look like he might actually win the nomination. As Brock outlined:

“There’s a growing realization that Sanders could end up winning this thing, or certainly that he stays in so long that he damages the actual winner.” In that case, American Bridge believes it may need to shift its focus to an anti-Bernie campaign “sooner rather than later.”

It’s quite the dilemma Brock and his super PAC have on their hands.