Harvey Weinstein Avoid Jails With “Chest Pains”


(FamilyRetirementClub.com) – Hollywood sex pest and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein seems to have developed a lot of health issues since being taken to court for raping and sexually abusing women. The once-famed Hollywood movie director was seen recently using a walker as he entered the court, despite walking perfectly fine when he was escorted out of the court following his guilty verdict.

Now, Weinstein has managed to avoid jail by complaining of chest pains. Immediately following the court’s guilty verdict, Weinstein was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan. During his journey to Rikers Island prison, Weinstein reportedly said he was suffering heart palpitations and chest pains, meaning authorities (owing to their duty of care) were forced to take him to be checked out by medical professionals.

Weinstein’s police escorts rerouted to the hospital where Weinstein was treated overnight and into Monday morning.

The New York Department of Correction offered no comment to local media outlets when asked, instead reconfirming that Weinstein had been remanded and was being transferred into custody.

In December, media outlets noted that Weinstein had begun using a walker. His attorney, Donna Rotunno, told the court that Weinstein was to begin back surgery the following Thursday and was using the walker to relieve pain.

“We wanted him to use a walker last week and Mr Weinstein didn’t want the press to think he was seeking sympathy. He is in pain, he’s having surgery, and we will be back in court on January 6 for trial,” she explained.

Rotunno also claimed that the amount of public scrutiny he was facing was impacting his health.

“This is tough on anybody going through this and dealing with the scrutiny, not only in the courtroom but the court of public opinion, and this has been hard on him,” Rotunno said.

Following Weinstein’s conviction, late-night television show hosts asked the question, “You mean, the walker didn’t work?”

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah said on Monday night, “Yes, people, it’s official: Harvey Weinstein is going to prison, which is crazy because he already looks like he’s been in prison for 25 years.”

The use of a walker, and even his overnight stay in the hospital while he was meant to be in jail, has been met by great skepticism from members of the public.