Greek Police Officers Arrest CHILD Left-Wing Rioters with MOLOTOV COCKTAILS

( The United States isn’t the only country struggling with an insurgent group of far-left extremists willing to kill their enemies and burn down buildings. According to reports from central Athens, Greek police arrested five children in the possession of Molotov cocktails. Officers believed that the radicalized children were planning violent attacks against other officers, and Greek authorities even speculated that they may have been radicalized by Antifa.

Investigators claim that the five children, who were arrested in Thiseio, were planning on attack law enforcement officials with the weapons in nearby Exarcheia. Proto Thema, a Greek newspaper, reported that two of the children knew one another but the rest of the children had met for the very first time on Saturday. They agreed to meet and commit the attack in online conversations.

The newspaper reports how investigators believe that the other three children were recruited by Antifa “anti-authoritarians” online. These far-left groups are particularly notorious in Greece, where they have been known to commit terrorist acts and attack the police. Investigators also believe that children who weren’t already known to the police were chosen specifically so that the police wouldn’t expect them to go ahead and commit the attack.

Despite Antifa committing terror attacks all over the world, and both radicalizing and recruiting children, Democrats in the United States remain opposed to President Donald Trump’s assertion that the group should be labeled a designated as a terrorist organization.

Antifa activists, or terrorists, have stepped up their violence in Greece over the last few weeks. Far-left activists burned an American flag during protests outside the United States consulate in Thessaloniki. They claimed to be standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, which is interesting because Black Lives Matter and the Democrats keep saying that they are peaceful protesters.

Molotov cocktails were also used near the U.S. Embassy in Athens. Activists attempted to set the building on fire but ultimately failed. Perhaps the worst incident, however. Was an attempt by two Antifa terrorists to bomb the home of a former Minister of State, conservative politician Dimitris Stamatis.

If it can happen in Greece, it can happen in America too.