Fox News THREE TIMES More Popular Than Failing CNN


( – Breitbart reports that CNN, a “hate network that spreads conspiracy theories and promotes violence against President Trump and his supporters,” couldn’t even average a million viewers during the week of the New Hampshire primary. The crushing news for CNN signifies a massive drop in viewership and interest in the network that has become increasingly hostile to Republicans.

During the week of February 10, Fox News enjoyed more than three times the number of viewers of CNN, with 3.2 million people tuning in. MSNBC took in roughly half with 1.677 million.

Incredibly, CNN could only muster up 969,000.

The fact that one of the biggest cable news networks failed to bring in even a million viewers during the week of the New Hampshire primaries is not a good sign. This was the week of the first presidential primary to take place in four years, with one of the most hotlycontested Democratic races ever. With Bernie Sanders as the frontrunner, an insurgent billionaire, and Elizabeth Warren fighting with Pete Buttigieg, viewers should have been tuning in in their droves to see what unfolded. But they just didn’t.

Tragically for CNN, the viewership gets even worse when you look at the daily average for that same week. Fox News, predictably, managed a substantial 1.743 million. Viewers clearly like the programming of a network that doesn’t go out of their way to undermine and criticize the president and his supporters every day.

Even MSNBC managed to achieve 920,000. CNN, however, chugged along with as little as 630,000.

For context, this is a network that is currently available on more than 85 million television sets.

This isn’t the first time that CNN has struggled with viewer figures. Fox News reported in December that Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Anderson Cooper pulled in the lowest primetime viewership during Thanksgiving for almost three years. When Fox averaged 2.2 million viewers between 9 and 11pm, CNN had just 643,000. MSNBC managed 1.3 million viewers during that same period of November 25 to December 1.

Those figures also came during a busy news week, as news of the impeachment hearings dominated the headlines.

What will it take to make people watch this awful network?