Far-Left Model Chrissy Teigen Offers $200k Bail Money for Violent Rioters

(FamilyRetirementClub.com)- Chrissy Teigen, the far-left model with a large online following, announced on Saturday that she would be willing to spend $200,000 of her own personal riches to pay for the bail out of violent protesters all over the country. He announcement comes as several American cities are being burned to the ground by far-left and Black Lives Matter activists who claim to be protesting for justice for George Floyd.

In her first tweet, Teigen initially said that she was willing to spend $100,000 to celebrate “MAGA Night” at the White House, and would give the money to free rioters all over the country who are being arrested for their violent and criminal behavior.

“In celebration of whatever the fuck maga night is, I am committed to donating $100,000 to the bailouts of protesters across the country,” she said.

When somebody tried to inform Teigen that the people who are being arrested are engaging in violent behavior, looting stores and burning down property, however, Teigen just offered more cash.

“Oo, they might need more money then,” the model responded. “Make it $200,000.”

Other celebrities have made similar commitments too, but one question people aren’t asking is how they are willing to distribute that money. If the cash is taken by charitable organizations that are funded by George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation, then not only are they aiding far-left groups but the cash will likely be deducted from their taxes anyway. So charitable!

The other rich celebrities who have offered money include funnyman Steve Carell, Seth Rogan, and nutcase Patton Oswalt.

Isn’t it concerning when celebrities are willing to hand over huge sums of money of their personal fortunes to people who are willing to take to the streets and burn down the property of other people?

Didn’t they hear the protesters in Beverley Hills chanting “eat the rich”? There is just so much hypocrisy!

If you’ve never heard of Teigen before, she’s not exactly known as a thinker. She is the wife of John Legend, a well-known far-left activist.