Far-Left Groups Issue Demands To Biden Now That Their Candidate, Bernie Sanders, Is Out Of The Race

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- Now that Joe Biden has all but officially claimed the Democratic nomination for president, far-left groups want to make sure his campaign is listening to them.
On Wednesday, a group of “leaders from a diverse array of organizations building political power for young people” — as they’ve described themselves — sent a list of demands to Biden. This group didn’t come out and say it, but they were supporters of Bernie Sanders, who announced this week he was suspending his campaign.
Among the groups’ policy demands are Biden adopting Medicare for All, a wealth tax and the Green New Deal. But the groups say they aren’t just asking without being willing to give. If Biden meets their demands, the letter says they will “work tirelessly” to help Biden defeat President Donald Trump in November’s general election, and spend approximately $100 million to target youth voters.
The groups say that the only way for Biden to secure a victory over Trump is for him to move further to the left now that he has defeated all the other Democratic challengers for the nomination. Biden has pleaded for Sanders and his followers to support him in his bid for the presidency, but the staunchest those followers are not likely to automatically do so without Biden giving in to their desires.
In addition to Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, these groups wrote that Biden needs to embrace free undergraduate tuition “for all students, regardless of income, citizenship status or criminal record.” They also want Biden to cancel outstanding student loan debt that people have now.
Other measures they want Biden to adopt as part of his platform are increasing the number of justices who sit on the Supreme Court — so more liberal justices can be appointed — enacting a wealth tax, looking into the NRA’s status as a nonprofit and providing free health care to illegal immigrants.
The letter also urges Biden to select progressive politicians to be part of his cabinet, if he were to be elected president. The groups want Biden to name politicians to important posts who have committed their support to Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren.
The letter states the groups want Biden to “appoint a trusted progressive to lead the White house Presidential Personnel Office to ensure that the entire administration is free of corruption and staffed with public servants committed to advancing a progressive agenda.”
The groups that were part of the letter include the Sunrise Movement, NextGen America, Student Action, IfNotNow, March for Our Lives, Alliance for Youth Action, Justice Democrats and United We Dream.
As the letter directly warns Biden:
“While you are now the presumptive Democratic nominee, it is clear that you were unable to win the votes of the vast majority of voters under 45 years old during the primary. With young people poised to play a critical role deciding the next president, you need to have more young people enthusiastically supporting and campaigning with you to defeat Trump. This division must be reconciled so we can unite the party to defeat Trump.
“Messaging around a ‘return to normalcy’ does not and has not earned the support and trust of voters from our generation. For so many young people, going back to the way things were ‘before Trump’ isn’t a motivating enough reason to cast a ballot in November.”