FAKE NEWS? Biden Has a 13-Point National Lead Over President Trump

(FamilyRetirementClub.com)- New polls suggest that the presumptive presidential nominee for the Democrats, former vice president Joe Biden, has a substantial 13-point lead over President Donald Trump. This is the largest margin for any candidate this year and comes from a new poll that was released on Wednesday. It has some Republicans scared, and others dismissing it as a fake poll comparable to the ones in 2016 that resulted in media pundits claiming Hillary Clinton had an almost 100% chance of winning the election.

The poll, however, came from reputable Reuters and Ipsos. It was conducted between June 10 and 16, showing that 48% of registered voters were willing to throw their weight behind Joe Biden, and just 35% behind President Donald Trump.

The lead, if real, is likely a result of discontent over the economy and the lack of action being taken against dangerous rioters burning down American cities. President Donald Trump had no control over the spread of the Chinese coronavirus, and his decision to enter lockdown to protect American lives could ultimately be his biggest obstacle in this race.

The lead is the biggest one to be recorded by Reuters and Ipsos ever since the Democrats started their primary contests to choose a candidate to take on Donald Trump. Earlier this month, another poll from CNN showed Biden with a similar lead – 14 points – over President Donald Trump. It is a warning sign that President Trump still has more to do to fend off Joe Biden.

Interestingly, though, the poll comes at a time when the vast majority of the American public hasn’t actually heard from Biden. The presumptive presidential nominee hasn’t even given a press conference in over 70 days, and some have speculated that the Democrats are purposely keeping him in the shadows in the hope that his constant mistakes during interviews won’t cause him difficulty.

Some 55% of respondents in the poll say that they disapprove of the way President Trump handled the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Over 115,000 Americans have died from the disease – but President Trump took decisive action closing the borders to China at a time when the Democrats were telling people to stop wearing masks and to carry on going about their daily lives. Biden even said Trump was xenophobic!

What do you think, can Trump turn this around? And will the public change their minds when they see more of Joe Biden?