DHS: No Specific Timeline on Sending in Feds to CHAZ

(FamilyRetirementClub.com)- On Saturday, the acting Deputy Secretary for Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli told Fox News that there is no “specific timeline” on when the federal government will take action against the anarchist commune set up in the middle of Seattle.

It looks like the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) that was set up by violent, armed Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists in Seattle, may have a little more time to keep pretending they’re an independent and autonomous microstate.

Cuccinelli told America’s News HQ that the federal government isn’t “in a hurry to escalate anything” but that they are monitoring the situation and action will be taken if city officials, including Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, continue to refuse to do anything about it.

“Well, there isn’t a specific timeline, per se,” he said. “But certainly, this is a subject of, as you all pointed out, that boils down to law and order and the most important role of government at all three levels is public safety, and at all three levels, public safety officials, police, military, whatever they may be, depending on the level, are governed by civilian authority.”

Anchor Leland Vittert expressed discontent at the idea that the anarchist commune, with borders enforced by armed criminals, won’t be forcefully disbanded any time soon. Vittert asked what the point of threatening legal action was if there isn’t a specific timeline, to which Cuccinelli explained President Trump hasn’t said anything specific.

“Well, I’m sorry we’re not meeting your requirements,” he said.

“We’re not in a hurry to escalate anything, but at the same time, the president isn’t going to concede a part of the United States to lawlessness,” he also added.

Presently, city officials in Seattle have completed accepted that these armed criminals have occupied this region of the city. Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan even told the media that she envisions the occupation going on for several more months, and suggested it was a “block party” that could become “the summer of love.”

President Trump has repeatedly told governors and city officials that if they don’t call in the National Guard to help quell violence, then he’ll send in the military. Until now, however, President Trump hasn’t followed through with the threat. Some speculate that the president may be allowing the Democrats to prove that they’re unwilling to control violence, as it may assist in the November presidential election.

Unless he starts proving that he can and will use his authority to keep Americans safe, however, then holding out for much loner could hurt him too.