Dem CA Gov BEGS for More Federal Money After Giving Illegals MILLIONS

( In a move that’s unlikely to shock anybody, Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsom begged the government for more money during a segment on CNN.

Speaking to Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” Governor Newsom explained how he feels that federal lawmakers are not meeting their “ethical” and “moral” obligation to plough more money into his state…even though he has taken some of the most extreme measures in the country that other states are proving to be unnecessary.

While California locks down for another three months, under Newsom’s orders, states like Georgia and Colorado are opening up their economies without experiencing spikes in infection. Newsom has also ploughed $125 million into a special fund for the huge number of illegal immigrants in his state, citing the fact that 10% of the state’s workforce is made up of illegals.

And yet, Newsom still thinks he deserves more money from the government.

Jake Tapper asked about Newsom’s opinion on the White House’s statement that giving more money to states would be “premature.”

“Well, it’s not charity,” Newsom responded. “I mean, a year ago Jake, we were running a $21.5 billion surplus. And here we are at a $54.3 billion budget deficit that is directly COVID-induced. We have been managing our budget effectively, efficiently, paying down our long-term pension obligations. We had a bond rating that went up twice last year, the highest in decades. So we’re not looking for charity.”

He’s right, too. Until coronavirus, California was enjoying a budget surplus and the fruits of the work done by the White House to lower taxes and increase employment. However, with coronavirus, the state has been forced to spend more money and Newsom’s decisions have cost his state more than many others.

You can see the full context of his comments in the video above, and it’s evident how desperate he is. Perhaps Newsom should have thought more carefully about the state deficit when he gave all that free money to people who aren’t even in the country legally?