Cynthia Nixon Says Biden “Courting Hardcore Racists” by Targeting China in New Ad

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- All we ever hear from the Democrats these days is how everybody in the United States is racist, so it’s always confusing when someone accuses them of being the very racists they claim to oppose. Far-left activist and actress, Cynthia Nixon, accused the presumptive Democratic nominee of “courting hardcore racist” just by talking about China in a new campaign ad.

Nixon launched into a tirade against the former vice president on Twitter after seeing the new campaign ad and hearing that a member of the New York State assembly said about it. Yuh-line Niou said the ad was “racist and xenophobic,” and accused Biden of playing into President Donald Trump’s “narrative” that China is responsible for the outbreak of the virus.

China is responsible for the outbreak.

Not to be outdone, Nixon used her large Twitter platform to attack the Democratic candidate. It should come as no surprise, really, as she has long been a supporter of failed presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders and his far-left campaign promises.

“Who had Joe Biden put this hateful xenophobic ad up?” she asked. “Joe needs to focus on getting Democrats and Independents excited, not courting hard-core racists. You won’t get them, Joe, and you’ll make the rest of us sick to our stomachs.”


You’ll probably recognize Nixon from the hit TV show Sex and the City, which is of course the credentials you expect from a genius political mind like hers.

She has become surprisingly influential in the Democratic Party over the last few years. You might also remember that she ran a campaign to remove Governor Andrew Cuomo in the 2018 midterms. She failed, but she did put the fear of God into some Democrats who thought she had a chance of succeeding.

Don’t expect her to disappear any time soon. She’ll be one of many die-hard Sanders supporters holding Biden’s feet to the fire throughout the rest of the campaign.