CUBA Could Be Next Country To Spread Coronavirus To The United States


( – President Donald Trump was urged this week to cancel all flights from Cuba as the country confirms its first three coronavirus cases. The news was announced by the ruling Communist Party of Cuba after three Italian tourists arrived in the country from Lombardy. Famously, Lombardy is the worst affected region of the country.

Cuba is not expected to fare well with the coronavirus present in the country. Being run by a communist government means that their healthcare system is not just under massive strain, but already completely dilapidated. There is a major shortage of medicine and basic hygiene products in the country, and its reliance on the Chinese economy for products means that it is not only susceptible to further shortages but could be exposed to even more cases of the coronavirus.

There is already a regular embargo placed on Cuba from the United States, however, there are multiple exceptions that are regularly exploited by Americans to visit the island for tourism purposes.

Granma, the official Communist Party newspaper of Cuba, confirmed that three people on the island have tested positive for the virus which include a 61-year-old man, a 60-year-old woman, and a 57-year-old woman. All three tourists arrived into Trinidad in Cuba just days early. The virus may well begin spreading, even though those who have come into contact with the tourists have been placed into isolation and are asymptomatic.

Manual Rivero, the local official who is in charge of containing the issue, said that all involved “have all been placed under clinical and epidemiological vigilance to monitor as symptoms appear.”

“In the event that in the next few days they present some clinical symptoms, they will be transferred to the Villa Clara Military hospital.”

As well as the three official cases, independent newspapers in the country claim there could be a further three cases that have not been publicly confirmed. All of those allegedly suffering from coronavirus are Cuban citizens who study at a university in Havana.

One anonymous source claimed that Cuban government officials have silenced those who spoke out about additional cases.