CRAZY: Biden Promises NO DEPORTATIONS In First 100 Days

( – It’s usual for a president to promise something incredible that will benefit the American people within the first 100 days, but Democratic candidate Joe Biden promised not to deport illegal criminals.

Yes, that’s really his election pitch.

During the CNN and Univision debate that took place on Sunday night, the former vice president used the opportunity to spout several pro-immigration beliefs and make insane suggestions that will only serve to hurt the American people. As well as promising zero deportations in his first 100 days, Biden slammed hard-working ICE officials and said the police should refuse to cooperate with them.

Even if it will save lives.

When Univision presenter Ilia Calderon asked Biden why he hadn’t publicly spoken out about the “big mistake in deporting millions of immigrations” that President Barack Obama allegedly made, Biden admitted he “took too long to get it right.”

Let’s break this down.

A Univision anchor told Biden that Obama made a mistake by deporting illegal criminals as if it is a matter of fact, and Biden responded by admitting fault!

Are we living in an alternate universe where committing a crime isn’t punishable?

Biden also promised on stage to introduce a bill to congress that would require “access to citizenship” for all illegal immigrants living in the country. That means millions of people would instantly become Americans, instantly put extra strain on American public services, reward criminals, and give the Democrats access to millions of new voters.

“Number two, the first 100 days of my administration, no one will be deported at all. From that point on, the only deportations that will take place are commissions of felonies in the United States of America.”

Biden didn’t address the fact that opening up the citizenship laws in this way would do nothing but encourage people to continue entering the country illegally and claiming citizenship.

Calderon asked Biden to confirm that only felons would be deported and everyone else would get to stay, to which Biden responded, “Yes.”

“The reason is it’s about uniting families, it’s about making sure that we can both be a nation of immigrants as well as a nation that is decent.”

How long can a nation be decent if it rewards criminals?