Crash and BURN: Joe Walsh Suspends Presidential Campaign

( – Joe Walsh, the Republican who thought he could take on President Donald Trump and win, has announced that he is ending his campaign. His withdrawal from the race makes it even more certain that the president will once again be chosen as the Republican presidential candidate, though that was never really in doubt.

During the Republican Iowa caucus (which went extremely smoothly, unlike for the Democrats!) Joe Walsh was filmed attempting to reach out to Republican voters. When ha asked the crowd if they wanted to see “four more years of the Trump Show” he was met with jeering, along with cheering and applause for the President.

Both Walsh and former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld appeared at the caucus to win over voters but ultimately failed when the president won more than 97% of the vote. The video footage of the night show just how much support the president has retained, and ultimately demonstrate why Walsh has been forced to end his campaign early.

In a tweet, Walsh said that he was suspending his campaign but that he is committed to defeating Trump however he can. He said:

“I’m suspending my campaign, but our fight against the Cult of Trump is just getting started. I’m committed to doing everything I can to defeat Trump and his enablers this November. I can’t do it alone. Join me at”