CORONA CRUISE SHIP: Passengers Headed To Georgia Military Base For Quarantine

( – A cruise ship carrying 3,500 passengers is making its way to Georgia from California, where passengers will be transferred to the Dobbin Air Reserve Base in Cobb County for testing and quarantine.


The Grand Princess cruise ship is expected to arrive late on Monday and is carrying around 3,500 people from 54 different countries. Governor Brian Kemp announced in a statement that the 34 Georgian passengers on board will be offloaded and tested for the coronavirus, and then quarantined.

21 new cases have appeared on the cruise ship within the last few days.

On Sunday morning, Governor Kemp released a statement explaining how 34 Georgians and other American citizens from the east coast of the United States are being securely transferred to Dobbins Air Reserve Base.

“These passengers will undergo testing and be quarantined for possible exposure to COVID-19,” he said. “They are expected to arrive at Dobbins late Monday, March 9 or early Tuesday, March 10.”

Kemp said he was confident the Dobbins base is “equipped to provide high-quality care for Americans in need while keeping Georgia families safe.”

“Our state stands ready to assist our federal partners if requested,” he added.

The governor encouraged Georgians to pray for the patients affected by the virus, as well as those providing them with health care. “We must continue to support one another, trust the advice of the medical community, and remain vigilant,” he said.

The coronavirus continued to spread all over the world, as the United Kingdom reports more than 200 confirmed cases and Italy approaches 400. A website has been launched by Johns Hopkins University that keeps track of statistics and data relating to the virus. On Sunday, the website announced more than 100,000 recorded coronavirus cases globally. Some 3,653 deaths were confirmed, and more than 60,000 people have recovered from the viral infection.

In the United States, more than 400 cases have been confirmed. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently declared a state of emergency as the state-wide total rose to 105.