COGNITIVE DECLINE: Joe Biden CONFUSES Trump and Obama in Awkward Interview

( Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has barely left his basement recently, knowing that the more he appears in public the more likely it is people will realize his obvious cognitive decline. Despite this, Biden chose to project at President Donald Trump, arguing that every time Trump is seen, he does worse.

That’s literally what happens to Biden…and it’s why he’s still locked up in his home!

During yet another virtual appearance, this time for an Asian Pacific Islander American Vote event hosted by PBS and NBS, Biden taunted the president over his slipping poll numbers. And then, incredible, Biden confused President Donald Trump with his former boss, former President Barack Obama.

See the clip below…it’s cringeworthy, and actually quite troubling. This man could win a presidential election in November, and he can’t tell the difference between Trump and Obama.

“The more that Barack – excuse me, the more that Donald Trump is out, the worse he does,” Biden said. “I think it’s wonderful he goes out. I’m being a bit facetious because it’s dangerous what he’s doing with these rallies.”

He would say that. Every time Trump hosts a rally, it draws crowds Biden could only dream of.

“I don’t hold rallies because it is the reason why we’re in such trouble by not listening to the experts and scientists about social distancing and wearing masks,” he said.

Convenient, right? He doesn’t hold rallies because it’s dangerous, he says, and there’s no way to prove he’s lying…because he refuses to hold rallies!

The Democrats really have realized that the best path to winning in November is keeping Biden locked up at home where nobody can see he’s exhibiting early signs of dementia.

During the interview, Biden could be seen reading some parts of his answer from a teleprompter. He even used notes that he was holding just out of sight of the camera. Then, he got confused.

“You ask other parts of a question, I can’t remember what other ones were,” he said. “One was what I was going to do about immigration. What was the other part?” he asked, before looking away from the camera.

Don’t you think it’s scary that the Democrats are propping this man up, and that they’re refusing to even admit he has a problem?