CNN Actually DEFENDED Rush Limbaugh Against “Revolting” Left-Wing Attacks


( – When even CNN goes on the offensive against left-wing radicals, you know things have gotten bad. In the wake of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer diagnosis, left-wing radicals have taken to the Internet to celebrate the news.

Incredibly, Brian Stelter, host of the laughably-named “Reliable Sources” on CNN actually stood up for Limbaugh. At least, a little.

During a discussion about Limbaugh being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union address, Stelter lamented the vile attitude of liberals who were wishing Limbaugh dead.

“There’s also controversy about Rush Limbaugh receiving this Medal of freedom at the State of the Union,” Stelter said.

“Rush announced on Monday that he has been diagnosed with advanced-stage lung cancer. And I know some people don’t think he should have been getting this medal, but Sarah, some of the comments I’m seeing on social media from lefties who hate Rush saying they hope that the cancer takes him away as fast possible, it’s revolting to me, and I just, you know, as much we talk about trump and mis information, there is a strain of contempt on the Left that also worries me.”

Perhaps Stelter has missed the hundreds, if not thousands, of violent Antifa attacks against conservatives in recent years. Did he take note when they literally burned cars in the street and set fire to UC Berkley?

This “strain of contempt” is much bigger than Stelter seems to think. A systematic violent campaign of harassment against conservative, Republicans, and Trump supporters has been ongoing for years now. But, at least Stelter seems to have noticed it happening finally.

“Why can’t people just say, ‘We hope that Rush gets better quickly?’” he asked.

In true CNN style, there was push back to Stelter’s comments. They couldn’t let a contributor get away with defending Limbaugh!

Sarah Isgur, a political analyst for CNN and a staff writer at Dispatch, said that the comments being made about Limbaugh weren’t representative of normal people but of Twitter users. As if Twitter users aren’t just regular voters and campaigners.

“You’re right. Those are not the normal voices. You’re right, you’re right,” Stelter said.

Except, they are normal voices. Unless they’re all Russian bots…