Churches File Lawsuits Against Dem Governors Over Excessive Lockdown Orders

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- Churches all over the United States have begun filing lawsuits against Democratic governors who are drunk on power and forcing religious services to cease, while still allowing people access to abortions and legal marijuana stores. Churches have had enough of their services being shut down, including drive-thru services in some instances, and are calling on Democrats to reclassify religious institutes as “essential”.

Faith leaders and churches in Virginia, California, and Oregon have all filed lawsuits claiming that their state governors exceeded their authority when they extended the stay-at-home orders indefinitely, which stops people from being able to worship at church. The faith leaders argue that it is grossly unfair to consider churches non-essential while liquor stores remain open.

The lawsuits also assert that the decision to stop people from attending church is a violation of their First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit in Oregon was supported by three Republican lawmakers who are now actively taking part. It involves ten churches and over a dozen different faith leaders from across the county. The suit was filed on May 6 and demands Democratic Governor Kate Brown reopen their facilities. The Republican lawmakers who signed the lawsuit are reported to be Reps. Mike Nearman and Bill Post.

Post told the media that he is concerned that churches “are not being treated in the same manner as, say, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, and other large corporate stores.”

“I was in my Keizer Lowe’s this past Saturday, and there were will over 1,000 people in the store at one time,” he argued.

It’s a message being heard across America right now. As some of the biggest corporations go on functioning as normal, small businesses and churches are being forced to close. Why exactly are people allowed to gather in large groups in big stores, but not buy supplies from smaller, local stores or worship while practicing social distancing?

In California, a Christian group in Chula Vista have filed, along with their pastor, against California Governor Gavin Newsom and other state officials. Newsom has been all over the news as a result of his excessive lockdown rules, which have now been extended for a further three months.

The Thomas More Society filed the suit on Monday in the District Court for the Southern District of California. In the suit, they claim that California’s response to the pandemic has “include no accommodation” for the “religious rights of its citizens.”

“Now, with the pandemic stabilizing, California has moved from ‘Stage 1’ to ‘Stage 2.’ In the first page of Stage 2, beginning on Friday, May 8, retail and manufacturing may begin reopening – but not places of worship,” it continues.

What do you think, will the Democrats cave or double down?