Cardi B DEFENDS Rioters and Looters in Minnesota, Claims They Have “NO CHOICE”

( While the country watches in horror as people break into stores in Minnesota and loot the goods inside, rapper Cardi B defends the criminals stealing the products from businesses in the state claiming they have “no choice.” The stripper-come-rapper claimed that the rioters didn’t have a choice but to steal and attack people violently in response to the controversial death of George Floyd.

Floyd was killed when police officer Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis police force kneeled on his neck,

Footage shared online shows thousands or protesters across Minnesota breaking windows, stealing goods, and even attacking a woman in a wheelchair. The city has fallen victim to huge levels of vandalism and destruction, and while the country is shocked by the death of Floyd, many have been left wondering what exactly has been achieved by rioting.

“They looting in Minnesota and as much as I don’t like this type of violence it is what it is,” Cardi B said on Twitter. “Too much peaceful marches, too much trending hashtags, and NO SOLUTIONS! The people are left with NO CHOICE.”

Really? No choice but to destroy businesses that are already being impacted by the coronavirus lockdown?

Some of the footage that has been shared online is shocking. The anger may be justifiable, given that a police officer kneeled on the neck of suspect George Floyd. He can be seen in the video saying he can’t breathe but Derek Chauvin kept pressing on his neck and eventually Floyd died. You can see the shocking footage below.

But does it justify widespread violence? Look at what they’re doing.

If they want justice for George Floyd, maybe they shouldn’t destroy local businesses in the process.