CAPITALISM: Instacart will Hire 250,000 Gig Workers, Hired 300,000 Last month

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- There are two kinds of people – those who think the Chinese coronavirus outbreak needs more government, and those who think it needs more individualism and innovation. The side of innovation has stepped up during the pandemic in the United States, and capitalism is showing just how much it can do to get people into work.

Instacart, the popular online grocery shopping service, is looking to hire a further 250,000 gig workers after already hiring 300,000 people in the last month alone. The plans come as more people are ordering food online, owing to quarantine measures that stop people from making non-essential journeys.

The need for a quarter of a million more workers was announced in a Medium post by Instacart, explaining how they are looking for people across the country to help get food delivered to peoples’ homes. The post calls for people to come forward to become “personal shoppers.”

Company president Nilam Ganenthiran explained how the company is seeing an unprecedented rise in demand.

“This is well beyond Black Friday,” he said. “Customers are coming online in droves.”

Instacart even announced that bonus payments are being given to in-store shoppers and site managers who are working to keep people fed.

“These bonuses were initially offered for hours worked through April 15,” the company said. “We’re not extending these bonuses for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis to make sure our in-store teams continue to be supported. Bonuses will continue to be determined based on the numbers of hours worked, and will range from $25 to $200 monthly.”

Instacart has faced criticism recently for allegedly putting workers at risk. Workers staged a nationwide strike last month over a lack of hazard pay and sick leave, and not being provided sufficient disinfection supplies. While the company initially ignored some of the demands, they eventually took responsibility and provided workers with health and safety kits which contained thermometers, hand sanitizers, and cloth face masks

The kits are still being delivered, and while the company may have had some teething pains, the fact that a business is hiring people during these difficult times says a lot about the resilience of the United States, right?