California Rep. Karen Bass Undergoing Vetting As Possible Running Mate For Joe Biden

( Joe Biden’s campaign is beginning the vetting process of potential running mates, and California Representative Karen Bass is currently going through the process, according to a CBS News report.

Bass, who has been in Congress for five terms and represents Los Angeles, is chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. While she wasn’t considered an early frontrunner to be Biden’s running mate, she would make for a solid choice. Bass not only holds a prominent position in Congress, but she also represents a large city.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn has said she would make for a great running mate for Biden. Earlier this month, he said:

“Karen Bass would be a big plus … she is a great person in my mind. I work with her every day.”

Clyburn believes Bass is more than ready to serve in a position such as vice president. Not only is she the current chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, but she was also formerly the speaker of the California Assembly, and the first African-American woman to do so.

Bass has been at the center of police reforms lately, as she was the person who unveiled the House Democrats’ wide-sweeping reform bill. Speaking on that, she recently said:

“I’m inclined to push the envelope as far as we can because we have a moment now.”

Bass also has experience in the medical field, as she was a physician’s assistant before serving in politics. That could help her case to be Biden’s running mate during the coronavirus pandemic. Talking about that experience recently, Bass said:

“I worked in the trauma center at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. I remember working without protection, and I remember the fear I had every day. I know the commitment you have to save lives even if it means putting your own life at risk. The nation thanks you for your service.”

Biden has committed to picking a woman as his running mate for the November General Election. And while he hasn’t committed to picking a woman of color, it’s looking more and more like he is leaning that way. With racial tensions high in the country right now, that could prove a prudent choice to have a woman of color standing next to him as he accepts the Democratic nomination.

Initially, the names thought to be leading the race were Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren — both former presidential candidates themselves. While Warren is still under consideration, Klobuchar recently withdrew her name, saying she believes Biden should choose a woman of color for the position.

One person who is helping Biden make his decision on a running mate is Lisa Blunt Rochester, a Representative from Delaware who is a woman of color herself. She recently commented on the situation, saying:

“If we want to transform this country, this is the time to recognize … the leadership of black women. We won’t be taken for granted.”