Buttigieg Will Give ILLEGALS Access To Obamacare


(FamilyRetirementClub.com) – Pete Buttigieg is ramping up his woke credentials as he attempts to overtake Democratic presidential frontrunner Bernie Sanders. In a move obviously designed to appeal to the increasingly left-wing voters in the Democratic Party, the former Indiana mayor has suggested he will open up the flawed Obamacare system to illegal immigrants.

During a fireside chat event that was hosted by Planned Parenthood, which was hosted in a private home in Nevada, Buttigieg made the comments.

“I know that all the sizzle in the debate right now is about Medicare for all versus the alternatives… And of course, I think my plan is the best plan…But it doesn’t so much matter if you’re covered if you can’t get access,” he said.

Buttigieg’s plan, according to his campaign team, will be “Medicate for all who want it.” That means, a public insurance option would be made available to those who want to sign up to it. Those who wish to keep their private insurance, however, would be entitled to keep it.

After describing the benefits he believes his system offers, he made the wild suggestion that American taxpayers should pay for illegal immigrants to access free healthcare…despite the fact they haven’t paid into the system themselves.

“As you know, in the Affordable Care Act, one of the many missing pieces that it has is that the exchanges are not available to the undocumented. I would change that,” he said.

His health plan, if he became president, would open up the system to illegal aliens.

Further affirming his far-left credentials, Buttigieg said that he wanted to make it easier for people to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Buttigieg explained, “This is not a luxury, this is medicine, this is health care,” clearly indicating that he believes it should be much easier for people to undergo the irreversible and deeply controversial surgery.

“Because we have made such progress on things like marriage, there might be a sense out there that the battle for equality has been won,” he said. “I’m thrilled with the progress, obviously, wearing this wedding ring in front of you that wouldn’t be there otherwise.”

I wonder if Buttigieg has seen the polls showing that the majority of American people are sceptical about the trans agenda?

Or the studies showing how many people regret undergoing the life-changing surgery?

For Buttigieg and the Democrats, offering free healthcare to an unlimited number of illegal immigrants and making it easy to undergo lifechanging surgery for free is a matter of “rights.” For normal Americans, it’s madness.