Bloomberg Wants HILLARY CLINTON As Running Mate

( – Will Hillary Clinton ever just leave us alone?

Bloomberg campaign sources told the Drudge Report on Saturday that the former NYC mayor is considering failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Clinton, the former First Lady who famously lost the 2016 race to Republican Donald Trump, was reportedly weighing up her chances for running in the 2020 race. In recent interviews, she denied that she would be entering the race, but told reporters she would “never say never.”

Reporting the claims on February 15, Matt Drudge tweeted:

“Sources close to Bloomberg tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force…”

Clinton may not necessarily be on board yet, but that may not stop Bloomberg from asking anyway.

The pair are already familiar with one another, after being spotted in December going out to dinner with Clinton’s daughter Chelsea.

Hours after the news was announced, however, the Bloomberg campaign downplayed the report.

In an official statement, Bloomberg’s campaign communication director Jason Schechter attempted to direct attention away from the claims. “We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation,” he said.

No denial, then.

Bloomberg is yet to compete in a primary or caucus, after choosing to avoid Iowa and New Hampshire and focus his efforts on the Super Tuesday states instead. A new poll in Florida puts him as the frontrunner, leading with Joe Biden trailing behind him. However, an average of national polls from RealClearPolitics currently suggests that Bloomberg will come third place behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

The poll finds Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg trailing behind with 12.4% and 10.6% respectively, with Amy Klobuchar even further behind at just 4.6%,

Could Hillary Clinton, one of the most divisive presidential candidates in American history, really be Bloomberg’s ticket to the White House?