Bloomberg Prepares Multi-Million Attack Against Sanders – This Will Get Ugly

( – Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn’t going to go down without a fight and doesn’t appear to be prepared to lose the Democratic presidential nomination to a socialist. After spending almost half a billion dollars on his campaign already, CNBC reports that the media mogul is preparing an “onslaught” against socialist Bernie Sanders.

The two already butted heads on the debate stage just days ago, when Bloomberg called Sanders out for being a socialist while also being a millionaire who owns three houses. According to the CNVC report, Bloomberg’s new attack against Sanders will include “op-eds,” “surrogate TV appearances,” and a series of “digital ads.”

Not only that, but Bloomberg is reportedly preparing an opposition research effort – a campaigning tactic that Sanders has, incredibly, never been subjected to.

Bloomberg has virtually unlimited resources and appears completely willing to spend as much as he needs to win. So, this is going to get ugly.

The move comes after Bernie Sanders won a huge victory in Nevada, taking home almost 50% of the vote and more votes than the three candidates placed below him. CNBC reported that senior aides to the Bloomberg campaign have been discussing how to redirect resources to taking down Sanders in the days running up to Super Tuesday.

“The campaign plans a multipronged attack, including the publication of opposition research on Sanders, these people said,” CNBC reported. “It will also push out digital attack ads focused on Sanders’ record. On Monday, the Bloomberg campaign attempted to paint Sanders as a past ally of the National Rifle Association, a gun advocacy group that Bloomberg has fought for over a decade.”

Reportedly, Bloomberg is even preparing an attack on Sander’s record on race relations during his time as a congressman and a senator.

“People within the Bloomberg campaign are also discussing whether to have surrogates and supporters write op-eds and show up on TV to speak out against Sanders,” CNBC also reported.

If Bloomberg pulls this off, it is certain to attract responses from the Sanders campaign. While few have access to the same immediate resources as multi-billionaire Bloomberg, the Sanders campaign is by no means without financial resource.

It looks like the attack has started already, too. On Monday, Bloomberg tweeted a video that showed how the National Rifle Associated helped elect Bernie Sanders into congress – a claim that will not go down well with anti-gun Democrats.

President Donald Trump famously said during the 2016 campaign that he could shoot someone dead on 5th Avenue and he wouldn’t lose support. The support enjoyed by Bernie Sanders is considered much the same, so time will only tell whether Bloomberg can unearth something serious enough to throw the Sanders campaign off track.