Bloomberg Is Actually Overtaking Biden In The Polls!


( – Michael Bloomberg thinks he’s scaring “scaring the living hell” out of President Donald Trump, but the guy who should really be worried is former Vice President Joe Biden.

The former Mayor of New York City is buying his way into the campaign to become the Democratic nominee for president, offering free food and wine at events. And it seems to be working.

According to a new poll in Florida, Mike Bloomberg is right at the top, beating current frontrunners Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders, and with Joe Biden coming second. Bloomberg achieved 27.3% in the poll, with Biden coming a surprise second at 25.9%.

The poll isn’t just surprising because of Bloomberg’s high numbers, but also because Biden seems to be enjoying a bounce in Florida after being soundly beaten in Iowa and New Hampshire. Pete Buttigieg, who received the most delegates in New Hampshire, achieved just 10.5% and Bernie Sanders 10.4%.

What’s going on?

StPete Polls asked 3,047 likely Democratic Presidential Primary voters in Florida the following questions between February 12 and February 13.

“If the election for the Democratic Presidential Primary in Florida were heldtoday and the candidates were Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, PeteButtigieg, Amy Klobuchar, BernieSanders, Tom Steyer and ElizabethWarren, who would you vote for?”

Amy Klobuchar, who has performed surprisingly well in recent polls, slipped down to fifth place achieving 8.6% of the vote. Elizabeth Warren fared even worse, dropping down into the “irrelevant” category with just 4.8% of the vote.

With a margin of error of 1.8 percentage points, the poll suggests that Florida could be the state that turns this race on its head. Mike Bloomberg is fulfilling his promise to spend $1 billion of his own cash to become president, but so far, President Trump doesn’t seem to be phased.

This week, the president admitted that he would rather run against Bloomberg than Bernie Sanders, admitting that the veteran socialist senator actually has a support base. He accused Mike Bloomberg of simply buying his way into the race.

All this spells bad news for Joe Biden, who was once considered the natural frontrunner in this race. Florida may be a slight pick-me-up over the last couple of polls, but the fact that a man who effectively bribes people to attend his rallies is overtaking him is bad news.

Brokered convention, anybody?