Black Lives Matter Protests Erupt in LONDON, For Some Reason

( As protests continue to spread across the United States, and morph into violent riots, Black Lives Matter and far-left activists have begun taking to the streets of London despite ongoing coronavirus lockdown measures. Countries all over the world have watched in horror as far-left radicals, anarchists, and race activists burn down historic buildings and churches, smash up offices and loot stores – and far-left activists in London have decided to start protesting too.

Thousands of protesters gathered in central London over the weekend, standing in solitary with radicals protesting across the U.S.A. Footage shows people walking in huge crowds in Trafalgar Square and around other famous London monuments, ignoring coronavirus social distancing measures put in place by the national government.

Protesters chanted “No justice! No peace!” and waved banners as they marched towards Parliament Square. Police did not appear to stop any of the crowds, despite orders from the government to arrest those who break social distancing rules.

The protesters then turned up at the United States Embassy in London, where they were met by a large number of Metropolitan Police Officers. Hundreds of protesters stuck around waving placards, as if the U.S. Embassy had anything to do with the tragic death of George Floyd.

Far-left protesters also tried to imply that the police were being heavy handed, despite the police standing by and letting thousands of protesters peacefully demonstrate in violation of social distancing guidelines. A man was seen resisting arrest and screaming as police officers tried to arrest him.

A far-left Twitter user posted the video online complaining that the man’s phone was stood on by police officers. They didn’t address why the man was resisting arrest, which is a crime.