Biden Lets Sanders Keep Delegates, But Do Bernie Bros CARE?

(FamilyRetirementClub.Com)- Joe Biden has a problem. Young people don’t like him. And he knows it.

Biden might have been vice president under the Obama administration, but he isn’t picking up the young voters as Obama did. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee must now embark on a huge drive to win over the Bernie Bros and young Sanders supporters who are reluctant to get on board with his campaign.

He’s already told them he hears them, he’s already appealed directly to them on stage at rallies (before he was forced to lockdown at home!) and now he’s even trying to appease Sanders on convention night.

In usual circumstances, a presidential candidate who drops out of the race will lose roughly a third of the delegates they earned by the time the national convention comes along. Delegates may be allowed to vote with their conscience rather than voting for the candidate they were assigned to in the primary process.

However, Joe Biden is bucking that trend and will is suggesting that Senator Sanders will be allowed to keep some of the delegates he might have otherwise lost. The move is widely seen as a measure to show Sanders supporters that he understands they want a radical left-wing agenda and that he is willing to represent them when it comes to the November election.

According to the Associated Press, the Biden campaign is looking to “avoid the bitter feelings that marred the 2016 Democratic convention.”

They might be on to something. Back in 2016, the convention was extremely bitter. Sanders supporters felt like Hillary Clinton robbed them of the nomination, and that anger remains to this day. Not only do Sanders campaigners still despise the DNC establishment, Clinton and her supporters still mock and deride Sanders.

Clinton attacked the socialist Vermont senator in a recent Hulu documentary, claiming he is a “career politician” and that nobody in Congress likes him.

The Associated Press reported that “quiet talks” continue between the Sanders and Biden camps, with a view to letting Sanders “keep some of his delegates, essentially a goodwill gesture from a presumptive nominee seeking to court Sanders’ progressive supporters and unite the party.”

“It’s not yet settled how many,” the AP also reported.

A Biden official, who was not authorized to discuss the topic with the press but did anyway, said that the Biden campaign believes it’s the right thing.

“We feel strongly that it is in the best interest of the party to ensure that the Sanders campaign receives statewide delegates to reflect the work that they have done to contribute to the movement that will beat Donald Trump this fall,” the staffer claimed.

But will this really be enough to get Bernie Bros on board with the DNC establishment again?