Bernie Sanders Predicts He’ll WIN in Michigan – But Can He Really Beat Sleepy Joe?

( – Bernie Sanders suffered crushing defeats on Super Tuesday after Michael Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar, and Pete Buttigieg all dropped out of the race and endorsed his opponent Joe Biden. The former vice president quickly shot back up to being Democratic frontrunner, and polls now suggest Sanders’ chances of winning are decreasing by the day.

Despite this, the socialist Vermont senator is predicting a win in Michigan – a boost he needs and which could help him move forward and deny Biden a majority of the delegates.

During an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Sanders said he felt good about the momentum his campaign has.

“I think we’re going to do well on Tuesday, and I think we’re going to beat Biden,” he said.

Strong words. But can he?

If you look at his rallies…maybe. Bernie Sanders is the only Democratic candidate who can draw crowds. They’re not quite the same size as President Trump’s (in fact, they’re significantly smaller!) but they are much bigger than any of the other candidates currently or previously in the race. During a Grand Rapids event, roughly 8,000 people turned up to hear Sanders speak.

Then on the same day, Sanders drew a bigger crowd of around 10,000 people when he spoke on the University of Michigan campus. Those are big numbers, and Biden is nowhere near matching him.

Sanders can’t use crowd size to predict success, however. These may well be his most active and dedicated supporters and Biden’s voters may just be staying at home. After all, lots of Biden’s voters are only interested in stopping Sanders now that their preferred candidate has dropped out.

Sanders’ suggestion that he is likely to win, therefore, could be a bluff. If he says he thinks he can win, his voters might feel more encouraged to vote for him. It may also backfire, however, and force reluctant Biden voters to turn out.

An EPIC-MRA poll commissioned by local media outlet WOOD TV8 found that just 27% of Michigan voters would support Sanders, and 51% Biden.