Anarchy and Chaos Breaks Out In NYC, Mayor de Blasio REFUSES National Guard Help

( Just as New York City was beginning to see some level of normality return to its streets after months of dealing with the Chinese coronavirus outbreak, rioters destroyed the city streets, set fire to buildings, looted stores, and destroyed police vehicles on Monday night. Mayor Bill de Blasio watched as his city burned, and later refused to send in the National Guard.

Midtown Manhattan was one of the worst-hit parts of New York on Monday night when thousands of people looted retail stores, including the legendary Herald Square Macy’s flagship store. Dozens of other stores were vandalized and looted from rioters pretending to be campaigning for justice for George Floyd.

The 11 P.M. curfew put in place for New York City has been completely ineffectual, but despite this, Mayor Bill de Blasio made it perfectly clear in a press conference that he wouldn’t call in the National Guard.

In the same press conference, he even defended his daughter who was arrested during the riots.

“My daughter has a deep respect for humanity, for peaceful protest and desire to change our world for the better. I love her, I respect her and I admire her,” he said.

Imagine that. The Mayor of New York City defending a woman who was arrested for taking part in a violent riot.

Breitbart reports how the looters in New York City played a game of “cat and mouse” with the New York Police Department on Monday night, smashing and destroying one shop before moving on when the police arrived. The NYPD arrested several dozens of people during the protests, according to a spokesperson for the NYPD.

Another source also claimed that roughly 200 people were arrested.